Truly Great Coffee

Our coffee is freshly roasted and delivered to us each week from a local artisan roaster. Each time you have a cup of coffee from Mokelumne Brew House you are having one of the best and freshest cups of coffee you will ever taste. We took care and time to make sure we brought small, local, and fresh coffee to our shop, to serve to our customers.

We want you to have an exceptional experience at Moke Brew and that starts the moment you walk through our doors. We truly care about you as our customers and your experience in our shop.  Come and drink, relax, unwind and enjoy


Nitro Coffee & Nitro Tea

Nitro Cold Brew is made using special processing methods. The low temperature brewing temperature and slow extraction of Arabica coffee, gives it a more meticulous foam, making it smooth as velvet and giving it a natural sweetness.

Latte Art


Sunday through Thursday 7-8pm

Friday & Saturday 7-10pm