Truly Great Coffee

Our coffee is freshly roasted and delivered to us each week from a local artisan roaster. Each time you have a cup of coffee from Mokelumne Brew House you are having one of the best and most fresh cups of coffee you will ever taste. We took care and time to make sure we brought small, local, and fresh coffee to our shop, to serve to our customers.

We want you to have an exceptional experience at our brew house and that starts the moment you walk through our doors. With smiling faces and exceptional customer service and the best coffee you will taste.

Pour-over Coffee 


It is a true art, and not to mention a real beautiful thing. Being able to take freshly ground coffee beans and dose just the right amount for the perfect cup of freshly brewed coffee. Coffee that was brewed not by machine but by man. Watch us as we make your coffee come to life right in front of your eyes. It brings out the flavors and aromas like never before. 

New Temporary Hours

7 Days a Week